Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Cycling is no longer just about lyrca and sweat. Urban cycling has come to influence fashion and cycling is definitely chic. For those who still want to don a helmet www.bernunlimited.com are doing a good job in trying to broaden the options available but I think my favourite has to be http://www.bobbinbikes.co.uk/gold-helmet/ who also do a fine range in bikes and other accessories.

But the fashion relationship with biking is more than just headgear. www.velorbis.com sell the urban cycling vision as well as anyone, with classic bike styles and retro accessories. unsurprisingly they were involved with Copenhagen fashion week last month. http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/
It isn't just the Danes the Dutch do a good line in cycling fashion too. http://amsterdamcyclechic.com/ seems to cover all the angles and has bags of inspiration. How long will it be before Belfast has a #cyclingchic website?

Friday, 11 March 2016


I was out and about today so thought I would document all the places I cycled to during the course of the day. The first port of call was to drop Charlie off at nursery which took me to Little Hands and Little Feet on the Malone Road. Sometimes you will see my passenger Charlie isn't always delighted to arrive at nursery but that soon changes.
From there I popped back down the road to the @UlsterMuseum for a very worthwhile Cultural Diversity workshop organised by the excellent @CraicNI duo of @EileenChanHu and @MaciekBator as part of Belfast Learning week. Great bike parking at the Museum too.
I put my political hat on and nipped out of the Museum to take part in a very positive engagement @mssocietyNI where I was able to catch up with many people who I had met before. Regrettably the experience of many has not improved as lengthening waiting lists are having a truly negative impact. I am absolutely committed to being a strong advocate for the society if returned in May.
It was off with my political hat and back to the Museum for the conclusion of the @CraicNI event before a quick coffee stop at Nero and back to nursery to collect a very happy little boy.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Post Rugby and Waterloo

I have been to two 6 Nations matches this way, in Paris and in London with Ireland losing both matches. The day post match and beers I went to Le Marais which is notable as one of the few areas with shops open on a Sunday. It was also notable for significantly greater security as the area is home to an historic Jewish community. There will never been anything right about children having to play in the street under armed guard and sadly that was the reality for a group of kids I saw. For cycling the area has many streets closed to car traffic on a Sunday and there are lots of opportunities to do Paris by bike. Despite the security the area has a real buzz and level of activity that reflected peoples' abilities to just get on with things.

Post Twickenham and another defeat I went for a look round my old stomping ground for Waterloo where I lived for a number of years. This time I took a few photos of how things are clearly changing in London as it experiences its own cycling and urban revolution.

Waterloo has embraced the 20's Plenty Campaign.

Additional parking is being provided in a very visible way and it is clearly meeting growing demand.

But as always it is the small things or the detail that really gives character to an area and I thought this fairly recent addition could be used anywhere to give added value to any part of a city.

Monday, 7 March 2016

#BackInTheGame (to Quote Micky Flanaghan)

May I begin with offering my sincere apologies to the small number who were wondering what has happened to my blog, in short I got side tracked by a very good cause throughout December and January for the #SaveSamira appeal and she is doing well with much more (albeit not all) of her expenses and medical treatment now covered and I am working on other initiatives to plug the remaining gap.

As you all know I love all things cargo bike, www.nihola.com , www.babboe.com , www.bakfiets.com , www.christianiabikes.com , www.urbanarrow.com (of @ellenfromnowon fame) and so on. However, I just don't know what to make of the www.boxercycles.com Rocket design and I am not sure I could ever see myself cycling one. A 6 seater is huge capacity and I am sure the leather trim on the Rocket Saturn version is fine but I am not sure I could see myself popping to the shops on one and I am keen to meet someone who would!