Thursday, 26 March 2015

#MakingPublicTransportCheaper #NIR

I support Westminster extending TaxSmart to rail travel in Northern Ireland –TaxSmart means you can pay for public transport before you pay tax on your earnings –making your travel much cheaper. For commuters it is an excellent incentive to take the train and it would reduce congestion on our roads making a positive difference for motorists

Saturday, 21 March 2015


It was really exciting to see docking stations appear in and around the city centre this week in preparation for the launch of the Bike Hire Scheme. This scheme has the potential to improve public health (in Copenhagen over 100 million is saved per annum in healthcare because of high levels of cycling), re-balance the pace of movement in the city centre and most importantly make getting around lots of fun! I remember when the London scheme was first launched with a degree of criticism but after a few months even the greatest sceptics acknowledged it was a success. Boris bikes have succeeded because the operators have continually tweaked and refined their plans as they have gone along to better serve demand and the market. The same will of course have to apply to the Belfast scheme and maybe by this time next year Danny Bikes will roll of the tongue nearly as easily as Boris Bikes! And naturally I am keen to see a second phase of the scheme expand it further into the south of the City.