Monday, 6 March 2017

Cycling Without Age #Singapore

There are lots of good cycling related charities and social enterprises on the market for anyone wanting to use their spare time productively and volunteer -but few capture the imagination in the way that Cycling Without Age does. First established in 2012 by Ole Kassow in -you've guessed it Copenhagen -Cycling Without Age set about tackling limited mobility for those who would still like to feel the experience of being out on a bike.

Using the wonderful line of "The Right to Wind in Your Hair" CWA has now established itself in a number of different countries including Cycling Without Age Singapore and you can follow updates on an exclusive Singapore facebook page.

I bumped into the inspiring Marieke Bink at car free Sunday recently where our local Cycling Without Age and their volunteers had quite a presence. I think this group is not just excellent for individual volunteers but also for corporate bodies wishing to discharge some corporate social responsibility. CWA provides mainly older people with a wonderful experience and through the volunteer "pilots" it also bridges generation gaps and creates space for handheld free communication!