Sunday, 12 April 2015

#BetterBelfast #UrbanAcupuncture #Gehl #HumanScale

I often talk about my vision for a #BetterBelfast and the type of city I would like to see us inhabit in the future. Like everyone, my thinking is influenced by where I have been, what I have read and what has made a positive impression on me. It isn't simply about drawing a picture of what I would like to see in the future, it is about the type of thinking that will shape the future and future decision making. For me anyone wishing to take decisions about the future of our city must watch the documentary "The Human Scale".

Whether you agree or not with the views expressed, it will make you think about our city and how to maximise its potential in a way you may not have thought about it before. The idea is about making it a pleasant place to live by taking planning decisions that focus on people and the human living environment.

And of course it also means doing projects that make the city fun. My current personal favourite -dancing traffic lights

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