Wednesday, 2 December 2015

#Alzheimers #Cycling #PositiveImpact #MentalHealth

There has been a slight delay in me updating with a new post because of a really important charity campaign I am trying to help for little Samira

It did get me thinking about cycling charity events and the work that is being undertaken in some countries in relation to those with Alzheimers. There has been evidence generated that older people who exercise (including those who cycle) are less likely to develop Alzheimers, but there is also evidence that taking sufferers out by bike slows the negative impacts of the condition. It compliments the argument that those who cycle has more positive wellbeing and mental health outcomes. Anyway in doing some reading into the topic I found @CycleWithoutAge and some wonderful images.

Therefore CargoBikes and Cycling are not just for those who can cycle or their kids. It is for lots of categories of people less able to cycle who can still experience the elements. A volunteer programme operates with people taking residents out for a bike ride to get the "wind in their hair". Could this happen in Northern Ireland too????

Interesting links on this topic appear below

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