Wednesday, 9 December 2015

#CyclistsMustBeValued #Health

It is clear from the experience of commuter cycling or everyday cycling in Belfast that cyclists aren't valued. In part this is because we are still at a very early stage of infrastructure improvements but its also in part because there is limited appreciation of the broader societal benefits.

The UK "Cycling 10:10" study earlier this year confirmed that serious health benefits flow from cycling and for any Government that means money saved. Most interestingly it found that by becoming more regular cyclists people weren't only happier and less stressed but they adopted other healthier behaviour patterns, "the snowball effect". Whilst most people tend to underreport their alcohol consumption, certainly to their GPs, the study found that alcohol consumption dropped by 30% in cyclists and 50% of those getting around by bike had an improved diet.

 The 2012 Copenhagen bicycle account found a 30% decrease in mortality amongst those who cycle daily and quantified the annual health benefit of cycling to be a phenomenal 1.7 billion DKK per annum so around 200 million pounds. The 2014 Bicycle account assesses the socioeconomic benefit of a km being cycled compared to it not have taken place as 1.62 DKK so just shy of 20p.

So following this through, if you do this

You end up with this

Which means more of this

But to keep it going it's the little things that count. So do this
And say "tak" by doing this
And as @nigreenways rightly says, if you want them to buy stuff in your shops don't forget to give them somewhere to park.

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