Friday, 10 February 2017

Bike or Stroller???? What is Taga????

Just as I was standing back admiring the fact I thought I kept up to date with all things cargo bike I was blindsided by Taga today. Not something I had previously been aware off but current unavailable for online purchase because of its popularity -the good people at Taga have told us!
At first I mentally dismissed the Taga as a stroller you can cycle until I read more on the specifications. Yes to gearing, yes to a variety of adaptations for two kids, rain covers, cargo capacity and so on. It is definitely also a bike.

My only lingering reservation is that I could never see myself in traffic on this as I could with any of the other conventional cargo bikes I have previously blogged on. Yes I could park cycle it and yes on a protected cycle network I would be willing to give the Taga a go. But if you ask me to do the school run by road with this I would refuse in the same way I wouldn't take on traffic with a kids trailer behind.
It may well be that these products are as safe (or even safer) as a reverse trike cargo bike or Dutch cargo bike when it comes to traffic but like so many things in life how you feel about something is a factor no matter what the science -and don't think I would ever buy a bike I wouldn't feel comfortably cycling on a road.

I am really interested in anyone who owns or has cycled a Taga to know what they think -especially of course if they are in Singapore! Maybe they would even let me have a go.

By the way there is even a Taga 2.0 on the way!

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  1. this might be too late a reply. I've had the Taga 1 for about 1.5 years and I must say it's probably the best thing I've bought. The amount of time I got to spend bonding with my child is priceless. I try not to go on roads - only small roads and alleyways. If you're still in Singapore I'm happy to meet up and let you have a go. There are some second hand ones up for sale.