Saturday, 7 January 2017

Belfast Cycling Revolution in Singapore

Not for the first time I have been absent from my blog for a prolonged period of time. I realised that I couldn't compete with the likes of @nigreenways and a number of other amazing Norn Iron cycling bloggers and eventually I would have to find my own space.

I have done, and that space happens to be Singapore.

Although I left in July, our bikes only returned to us in October and my family has increased in size since then too, so I have been quite busy. Singapore has an established cycling culture in part because of its excellent Park Connector Network PCN which I will blog about over the coming weeks.

It's hard to join someone else's revolution over half way through so I will try and identify some of the things I think that work well here that we could incorporate into our thinking at home or indeed elsewhere!

The Park Connector Networks are a really good resource for cycling around and allow point to point and commuter journeys, not just leisure cycling. The quality of the cycle paths in  terms of width and surface is in most areas to a very high standard and there are constant upgrades and improvements being undertaken. You can see the continuous investment in the routes and a clear focus on improvements.

Left shows part of the East Coast Park Connector that runs through East Coast Park. There is clearly plenty of space for two way cycle traffic and a separate footpath out of shot for pedestrians.

This route allows you to cycle from the coast behind Changi Airport (as part of the Eastern Coastal Loop all the way to Gardens by the Bay and Bayfront MRT. It is busy all through the day and evening and although it attracts the odd lycra cyclist the vast majority are everyday cyclists with plenty of space for novices and children.

Visually some parts of the park connector routes are stunning. On the practical side of things, there are a number of bike rental facilities along the route and they are heavily used with a high number of tandems available. There is lots to see on route and easy access small beaches, kids play areas, coffee shops etc

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  1. You have motivated me to get out on to the Greenway! Singapore looks beautiful but you dont have scones at the Lockkeepers Inn ��