Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Copenhagen Delights -Nihola in Singapore

There are few places globally where the wonderful Danish bike designers Nihola have failed to reach and I am pleased to say that includes Singapore. For me Nihola are the VW Beetle of cargo bike design -you can't help falling for it at first sight.

And its not just something you fall for on day one, I say that having "test driven" mine for two years this year, with little or no complaint. Although it feels expensive before purchase -for how much I use my Nihola family -it's one of the best value items I have ever bought.

Two Danes living here, have brought this little bit of Danish style to Singapore. Their store Dansk.sg is incredibly well placed on River Valley Road and they offer a range of Danish products including stylish children's clothes by Copenhagen Delights  But their star product in my hugely biased view is the range of bikes by Nihola.

For the past few months I have been stopped out and about with friendly questions as to the what and where of my cargo bike and now I can helpfully point these prospective customers in the direction of Betina and Louise at Dansk.sg

Nihola's handmade bikes are incredibly safe, fun to ride, and best of all -a wonderful taste of Copenhagen in Asia.

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