Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Singapore Greenway (Green Corridor)

As a further tribute to @nigreenways I have found a greenway project in Singapore for him to add to his long list of projects for a global network of greenways.

It's perfect and ticks all the greenway boxes as a former railway line that bisects the Island East/West and runs from the disused railway station (below) at Tanjong Pagar North to the straits of Jahore where it would have linked to the Malay peninsula.
From the images I have seen so far it looks to pass some wonderful old train stations at the likes of Bukit Timah.

There are also branch lines which would further enhance the connectivity. And as I understand the lands are not in multiple private ownership, which is often the greatest problem with old railway lines, though the clever folk behind the Great Western Greenway in Ireland proved this problem can be solved with a little ingenuity.

A detailed proposal paper on the greenway exists and I have no real idea of the current state of the proposal or project. Therefore I have committed (if physically possible) to cycle the green corridor within the next week or so and take some photos. I have found these online.

There is a great webpage already on this Singapore greenway which no doubt given the high numbers of tourists passing through could become a very popular tourist experience. Like all former railway greenways they naturally connect population centres because of their former use and end up being used by locals, tourists, commuters and families. Businesses inevitably spring up on their routes to cater for the passing traffic and private or public bike hire schemes are an option.

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