Monday, 9 January 2017

East Coast Park at Marine Parade -The Wheels of the Belfast Cycling Revolution in Singapore Keep Turning

This is my first ( and second) short video upload to my blog. This shows the footway from the Marine Parade underpass to East Coast Park (Park Connector). You see the large footprints visually mark out the footway before you turn left onto the two way cycle way. You can already see during the approach cycle traffic and as we make the left turn you see the pedestrian footpath on the right closer to the sea.

In the second video (below) you see the character of the cycle route change a few kilometres further towards Changi. We have a single cycle lane to share two way traffic and a white line marking the pedestrian space on the path. It makes complete sense not to over engineer the less trafficked portions of the cycle way. And of course wonderful use of trees to provide a little shade on the path. Towards the end of this short video you see another cycle/pedestrian underpass that links the route to Bedok Reservoir Park. Really easy to follow the directions and not too long a cycle to get there.

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